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Sunday School - Throughout the scriptures, Christian education is a prominent theme. It is found in both the Old and New Testaments.

     Our purpose here at First Presbyterian church for Christian education is to bring children and adults to Jesus Christ, to train them in a life of discipleship and to equip them for Christian service in the world today.

  • Adults:  They are inspired by classes that focus on specific books of the Bible, along with others that apply biblically and theological ideas to issues pertinent for today. Also we use topical themes such as the history and continuing significance of the church's traditions and holy days in our classes.

  • Children:  We offer several different programs that involve Christian education here at First Presbyterian Church, but our "formal" time of Christian education is our Sunday School. We use the demoninational curriculum titled "Growing in Grace and Gratitude." This currciulum helps kids of all ages to develop a common understanding of the word of God and apply that understanding in their daily lives.

     Our Chrisitan faith is full of wonder and mystery. Sometimes we don't always understand a lot of it and we are not always sure if we are on the right track. Come and join us as we go exploring in our Sunday school classes and we all have a chance to share our discoveries with each other.