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Interfaith Paths to Peace
Happy Home Furniture Bank

List of Community Resources (pdf)
Jesus Cares at Exit 0 (Jeffersonville)
Catalyst Rescue Mission (Jeffersonville)
Center for Lay Ministries (Jeffersonville)
Wayside Christian Mission (Louisville)
The Mustard Seed (Sellersburg)
Family Health Ministries (Haiti)
Missions (Meals)
The Community Kitchen (Jeffersonville)
Center for Lay Ministries (Jeffersonville)
St.Lukes Loaves & Fishes (Jeffersonville)
Jesus Cares at Exit 0 (Jeffersonville area)
Loaves & Fishes (Louisville)

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Sunday Worship Service Live
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1st Prez presents:  "How Climate Change Impacts Indiana Agriculture"
Guest speaker Hans Schmidt

Memorial Service for James Quiqui